Guest I'm looking to get a few things to help with inventory.
(1.) Bar code printer that can print on 1.5 X .25 inch labels.
(2.) A wireless bar code reader that can read the bar code on the 1.5 X .25 inch label.
(3.) Software that can help me to track equipment s/n, status, location and current user.
I was looking at Zebra S4M printer but its kind of big. Could you suggest a smaller model that can print on 1.5 X .25 inch labels?
Also, I see wax and resin thermal ribbons, what is the difference between them? I plan to use synthetic labels. Is one better to use with synthetic labels?

To start with the asset tracking aspect of your question I would suggest the BCI Preferred Asset Management kit. This bundle includes the ASAP Passport Asset that will facilitate the tracking of all your items with s/n, location, status, and assigned user. A Motorola MC55 is also included so you could track assets throughout your facility easily. The ASAP software does support label printing and for a smaller volume unit the Zebra GK420t would be an excellent choice. This printer will allow you to create paper or synthetic labels which will require a resin ribbon. Wax will only work on a paper label while resin is for polyester labels.

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Posted December 6, 2010