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 Guest We are a manufacturing company with distributor, dealer & retail sales. We have two warehouses. We are looking into the possibility of going to a bar code system for inventory purposes. We are mainly concerned with the inventory in our mobile warehouse which travels the country selling at shows to start with. If this works out for us we would move to incorporate the system company wide. We are completely unfamiliar with how the bar code system will work within our current programs. We now use Quick Books Enterprise as our accounting software.

Depending on whether you need to track sales in the field as well or not I would first suggest out BCI Basic Inventory Control kit. This bundle will serve basic inventory only withe the included Wasp software and Dolphin 6100 data collector. With this system you can scan items as they are checked in/out of inventory on the mobile device and then sync this with a PC to keep a constant inventory in the Wasp software. If you need to manage sales transactions in the field as well I would look at Intuit QuickBooks POS Pro. This is a POS software that manages sales but also has built in inventory tracking so that with each sale you are deducting from the system and then can do a physical inventory count to compare the two. The advantage of this system is that it will track sales, manage inventory, and will seamlessly integrate with your existing accounting software.

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Posted December 10, 2010