Guest We would like to put bar codes on about 350 ships on the wharf and identify the owner/additional work to be done and be able to feed financial software with this data to be able to bill the owner for staying at the wharf and additional work. We are thinking about a small mobile computer with built-in bar code scanner with asset tracking software and the possibility to connect the data to our financial software

Our BCI Preferred Asset Management kit will be a great fit for your application. The bundle includes ASAP Passport Assets software to track each ship by location and owner with provisions for customized fields to manage any work you would be doing on the ship. This software can easily export data to a text or Excel file to import into your financial software as well. A Motorola MC55 is included in the kit to allow collection of data in the field and additional devices can be added to the system if required.

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Posted December 22, 2010