Guest I am an intern at a small bank. They have hundreds of courier bags that come in everyday. They have 3 different couriers with several routes in each. The system they currently use is three clipboards (blue, purple, black) with a separate sheet of paper for each route that lists the clients on the route. Someone has to manually find the name of each company and cross them off a list. I am certain that there is a more efficient way of doing this with some sort of bar code system.

It sounds like your process could greatly benefit from a mobile computer and bar codes. With a unit like the Motorola MC55A we can develop a software that manages all the routes by tracking each client and their courier bags. Your employee would be able to download their daily route schedule so that as they go to each location they can call up that clients file. We can bar code label all the courier bags so that the courier can scan all the bags at the clients location to associate them to that specific account. This way, when the courier returns we can verify what bags were for each client and make sure nothing is missing or mixed up. All this data can then be uploaded so you have a running record of all transactions.

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Posted December 26, 2010