Guest We are an electrical contractor with multiple pieces of equipment and tools. I was looking for a way to label each piece of equipment and tool so that it could be scanned and documented as to what job it is on, whose truck it is on, or who had it last.

As you have a set of fixed assets and issue them out to different users I would suggest out Check-In/Check-Out Sytem bundle. This kit includes the RedBeam software to track every asset by associating it with a location and user who is currently using it. You can set-up specific check-out time frames and will always have reporting access to see where any item is or who had it last. Along with this you will have a Zebra GK420t printer and labels to tag every asset and a basic scanner, LS2208, to help speed up the check-in/check-out process.

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Posted December 29, 2010