Guest I am the Resource Center Director for my church.and am looking for a bar code scanner that will be used to track/count inventory. I already have a Toshiba laptop that is about 3 years old. Is there a bar code scanner that can be purchased and be compatible to my laptop to do this? Also, will I need bar code software so that I can assign a bar code to each piece of inventory? I've already contacted one company and they wanted to sell me an entire system (computer, printer, monitor). I already have this equipment. I simply want to possibly purchase the scanners and software. We are a small church and so any purchase I make will be my expense, therefore, I am not looking to purchase an entire system.

With any inventory system we will need some application to track all the items and have an ID associated with each in a bar code. This could be something as simple as Excel or a basic inventory software like Wasp Inventory Control. If you need just a list of items Excelcan work but if you need any reporting or visibility into inventory trends and movements the Wasp software is a much better option. In both cases we can use your laptop and a basic cordless scanner like the Motorola LS4278. This unit will allow you to move up to 33ft away from the PC and still send bar code scans to the software running on the laptop to collect your inventory.

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Posted January 3, 2011
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