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 Guest I work for a natural gas company. We're in the process of renaming most of our fixed assets and adding them to a data base for asset and time management purposes. We are adding name tags to the assets in the field. I'd like to have some means for tagging my assets with something that would be resistant to the elements (our operations are located in western VA, eastern KY, all of WV and western PA to western NY). In addition to the alphanumeric name of the asset, I'd like to have the tag include a corresponding bar code. I am fairly confident that we'll be using handheld devices to record when we do work at specific assets in the near future, hence the need for the bar-coding. I envision some type of permanent tag that would last for at least 10 years.

For tagging items that will be outside in the elements we have two possible solutions. In the first case we could use a polyester plastic label that would be printer on a unit like the Zebra ZM400 with Bartender Pro software. The plastic material has a permanent adhesive and is rugged enough to be outdoors all year round. This solution allows you to print the bar coded labels as needed and is the more cost effective option. We also do custom labeling which allows for even more extreme materials like an aluminum tag to be made. This solution is a bit more costly and will always be custom with a lead time as we cannot run this material in a printer. In either case we can provide a suitable solution to fit your application.

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Posted January 5, 2011