Guest The guys at the heating plant are required to go around and do hourly inspections on certain pieces of equipment. Whether they do it or not is just on an honor system and we really have no way of tracking it. My boss is hoping that we can find a system where we can put bar codes on the equipment that’s required to be checked and then have a bar code scanner that will be carried around by the employee to verify that they have been to that site as often as required to be. The report that’s generated as the inspections are being completed should then be able to be uploaded on to a computer and/or printed off to be kept in a reports binder.

In your application the main concern is to collect the scanned data and have a time-stamp for the scan so you can audit the inspections so I would suggest looking at a basic batch data collector. Something like the Honeywell SP5500 is a simple to use batch collector that will record all the data in a basic text file. The end user will only scan the codes and the device will time stamp when it occurred. The SP5500 comes as a complete kit with charger and cables to upload to a PC.

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Posted January 5, 2011
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