Guest We have an IT3800 bar code scanner and the point of sale software that we have been using it with recently went kaput. We have another system we are going to use involving Excel, and are having a slight problem inputting data from the scanner. It seems to read partial bar codes just fine-the first half or so of any bar code but the rest of any given bar code is all gobbledygook. Is there a driver or any sort of other software that we need in order to get this scanner functioning properly? We never had a problem with it before.

The IT3800 was a very popular scanner for its great reading performance and ability to be configured in a variety of ways. From the sound of thing your previous POS software required some special configuration of the IT3800. We can find a programming guide for the scanner at the Honeywell website to restore the unit to factory defaults to properly use it with Excel.

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Posted January 6, 2011