We are looking to automate our current goods receiving process, in particular the booking in of arts materials and consumables.
One of the problems we are facing is the lack of commonality between suppliers in terms of delivery notes, some use bar codes some don't, those who do quite often have different bar code formats. How would the LXE-MX9 hand held scanner help us to get round this?


The LXE-MX9 device will allow you to check in your received goods on the warehouse floor in real-time on a wireless network or in a batch collection mode. The scanner on the LXE device can read and liner bar code and has options for 2D imaging as well. There would need to be a software component running on the device or through the network to manage all the incoming data but the MX9 will surely keep your business more efficient and faster with accurate information on your in bound goods

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Posted January 10, 2011