Guest I am looking for a bar code printer that can be installed in a self service kiosk. Customer come to the kiosk and enter a promotional code and are then given a bar code to use at checkout. The printer should be able to print the product name and bar codes onto a piece of paper. Preferably using thermal print onto a roll- with a cutting system so the customer is given a single piece of paper. The kiosk/printer will be driven by a Linux box, so any software needs to be configurable or printer drivers available to drive the printer.

By your description I would suggest a thermal receipt printer as opposed to a traditional bar code label printer. Something like the Star TSP100ECO can print a readable bar code on regular thermal receipt paper and includes an auto-cutter. This device is relatively small to accommodate the kiosk application and its supplies are readily available. Linux drivers are also available for the Star printer.

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Posted January 10, 2011