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 Guest I am looking for a solution whereby a handheld bar scanner communicates with a server through GSM or Wimax network. This handheld scans info on an item, then sends the data over the network to server for processing and return the result back to the screen of the handheld.

A solution whereby the handheld scanner scans the info, then uses its inbuilt processor to process the data, then display the result on the handheld screen.


In either of these cases we have a range of mobile computers that will fit the bill. For in the field mobility on a GSM network I would suggest the Motorola MC65 as it supports any cellular carrier and can readily run an application to communicate remotely to your server. With a built-in scanner, QWERTY keypad, touch screen, and camera options it offers the full range of data collection options. With the case of localized processing we can reduce costs by going with a unit that does not have GSM capabilities like the Honeywell Dolphin 6500. This device offers many of the same features and can run your application locally for a batch transfer at the end of day.

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Posted January 12, 2011