Guest We are upgrading our ERP software to EPICOR and up to this point we have used a shop floor data collection system that was part of our previous software. The input is PC based and requires the production workers to cross the shop floor to one of several PC stations and enter data.This is Inefficient and difficult to manage. I recall a product called a Time Wand that downloaded the data it had collected as it was recharging. It was quite reasonably priced and the wands could be “scattered” around the shop during the day for convenience, put into the charger at night and they were fresh for the morning – with all of the data uploaded to our system.

I am not familiar with the Time Wand device but we do carry many similar batch mobile devices that can accomplish the same task. For a simple to use and cost effective solution I would suggest the AML 5900. This unit is rugged enough to handle a production facility and store all its data as a text document internally. At the end of each day or shift the AML device can be docked to charge the battery and upload its data. We can help ensure the device properly integrates with your EPICOR system and allow for the most efficient work flow.

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Posted January 12, 2011