Guest We are looking for a solution for our inventory check-in and check-out. We're looking at about 60,000 parts in our storeroom that need to have labels on them with the description, location in storeroom, and a bar code that tells us that item has been removed from the storeroom. The labels we are going to have to do ourselves, but are their any labels/label makers that, when printed, won't smear or smudge because this is a potentially greasy environment. We also need a check-in/check-out station (whether a computer or handheld scanner) for the inventory process to be completed.

The software I would suggest going with is RedBeam Inventory as this will track all your stock items as they are received and checked-out as well as print the bar codes you need for all the parts. RedBeam can be set-up with a fixed PC and basic scanner like the Motorola LS2208 or on a mobile device like the Unitech PA600. We can pair a Datamax M-4206 printer with this system as it works well with RedBeam and can produce rugged plastic labels that will fit into your more rugged environment.

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Posted January 13, 2011