Guest I am trying to help my wife organize her online business. She has accumulated a significant inventory of toys and small items but has no inventory management. I'd like a bar code scanner and necessary software to collect and manage the inventory in a spreadsheet. We are looking at using the Outright bookkeeping system that can access both our website and PayPal sales information, so compatibility with that sort of bookkeeping system would be a huge benefit. I am looking for something that would be a perfect low budget (less than $500) solution.

We offer inventory solutions that cover the full gamut of applications from large scale distribution houses to small business. In your case I would suggest the Unitech HT630. This is a very simple, low cost batch data collector which will allow you to scan in item codes and quantities which are all stored in the device. When finished you connect the Unitech device to a PC and transfer the data as a text file which can easily be opened in a spreadsheet. This data can then be imported into your other software.

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Posted January 14, 2011
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