Guest Our organization has a daily mix of new and returning clientele who utilize our services similar to how a library would be. We require some kind of membership card and client tracking system to monitor visits and activity.

Tracking attendance of customers is an ideal candidate for a bar code based solution. Creating ID cards is easily done with the Zebra QuickCard ID Solution bundle which includes the printer, software, and media to create the bar coded IDs for each of your customers. To track customer attendance we can go with two options. In the first case we will need a standard PC and hands-free scanner like the Motorola LS9208i which will feed the ID scans to tracking software. This solution is often a managed solution with an attendant on hand. For a fully unattended option we have the Unitech TASHI Time-Attendance bundle. This is a self standing data collector and custom attendance tracking software which allows each user to scan themselves in. Data is then collected as a batch load on an SD card or via a real-time network connection.

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Posted January 17, 2011