Guest We are a company that specializes in clothing. We have many around 50+ colors for each of our products as well as different styles and sizes. We are trying to implement bar code scanning technology to help prevent errors with order fulfillment as well as inventory. After looking around your website we are not sure exactly what we will need to begin the system but would like some assistance as far as deciding which way to go.


Given that you are looking to do inventory and order fulfillment I would suggest a mobile computer with integrated scanner like the MC55A. This device can be integrated with your existing software to allow you to scan bar codes as orders are being picked to ensure accuracy. Regular inventory counts can also be made with the same device to maintain proper stock levels. If your items do not have bar codes on them already we can help pair up a suitable label printer like the Datamax I-4208 as well.

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Posted January 18, 2011