Guest We are a masonry restoration and waterproofing contractor with lots of equipment that needs to be tracked. Everything for small electric hand tools to large compressors and a variety of scaffolding (many small pieces: pins, knuckles, brackets, etc) and we would like to get tracking software to help improve our track and trace capability. Our process is we sign tools out of the warehouse daily and receive tools in daily. Our current system is manual tracking. I'm looking for a scanner solution where I can scan out to an individual/job site and know where my assets are at any time. With our current paper system it is very hard to know where tools are and track them to jobs, people, repair facilities, and perform inventory. We have a very limited budget for this activity so I am looking for a no frills system with enough features to perform my track, trace and inventory.

Tool tracking is a very common concern for any production facility and luckily bar coding is a great solution to do so. We have a software called RedBeam Check In/Check Out which is geared towards tracking assets by who they are assigned to. The system has a database of users(which could be departments, offices, rooms, etc..) and a database of every item you are tracking. As the items are checked out to specific individuals you will have a constant record of who has what item and can even set due dates for the items to be returned. Various reports on the items and users can be run at any time to have an accurate picture of your assets. With this system we can use a tethered scanner like the Honeywell 3800g or if mobility is needed a Unitech PA600 mobile computer.

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Posted January 21, 2011
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