Guest We would like to discuss and learn more about 2D bar code scanning of tools. We have the capability to laser etch a 2D code on the tools and we need to develop a system to scan the tools out and back into a tool cabinet. We are working on a system that would require 30 to 40 scanners.

The two parts to a suitable system for you are having an appropriate check-in/check-out software and scanners that can read laser etched codes. RedBeam Check-In/Check-Out is a perfect software match as it will allow you to track each tool individually and a database of users whom the tools are associated with. As a person takes out new tools you can scan or type in their ID and then scan all the tools. Each tool can have a set time of usage and even have late fees if not returned in time. Various reports and item features can be tracked in the system as well. For a suitable scanner I would suggest the Honeywell Xenon 1900 as it excels at laser etched codes and can read all 2D and 1D bar codes.

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Posted January 24, 2011