Guest We need a bar code machine, or set up that prints bar bell UPC stickers.
We own a Zebra S4M. We want to make UPC stickers – 2 inch X 1/2 inch barbell.
Is it just a software setting, or a Zebra S4M setting? Do we need a bar code machine with 2 inch X 1/2 inch barbell UPC sticker capability?

In your case you will not need a new printer as the Zebra S4M supports a wide range of label rolls and there is a stock bar bell label they make. Part number 10010062 is a 2.2” x .5” Polypropylene butterfly(bar bell) label that will readily work in your printer. We also carry a wide range of other labels to fit any of your application needs.

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Posted January 25, 2011