Guest We have a scanner verification project which involves products for our new customers. The solution will be to scan bar codes on the edge of the tiles as they pass along the production line to determine:

1) Will the UPC(A) bar code scan?
2) Is the scanned bar code in our product catalog?

If either of these items fail, we need to stop the line.
We wish to do this integration with a PLC(programmable logic controller) and would like to also take an image of every bar code and capture it to a SCADA system.


As you are looking for a fixed scanner that can also do imaging of the code I would suggest the Dataloigic Matrix 210. This unit is a high performance fixed scanner that can read any type of bar code and also capture images of the codes. With the options for RS-232, Ethernet, and USB along with several opto-isolated I/O the Matrix 210 can integrate with your network and PLC easily.

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Posted January 28, 2011
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