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 Guest I am developing an application for a client and they want to implement a bar code scanning system where each of their customers is given a unique bar code when they register and it is valid for a certain period. The bar code is emailed to the customer. When the customer arrives they need to be able to scan it and then be able to see how many times that customer came and perhaps other statistics. What scanning equipment is needed and can this be connected to a PC or iPad?

Given that you have the means to create unique bar code like with the Bartender Pro software we have several options for suitable scanners. In the case of working with a fixed PC a tethered scanner like the Honeywell 1200g will interface easily and transmit the code data as a simple text string to your application. In the case of an iPad we will need a cordless Bluetooth scanner like the Motorola LS4278 which will also send text data. With every scan into your software you can easily collect customer metrics.

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Posted January 31, 2011