Guest Our electric meters are all bar coded. We would like to track the meters from the time they enter our warehouse to the time we ship them out to our service centers. We perform tests on the meters in our shop as well as storage of others.

You are tracking each meter individually as in the case of a general asset tracking system. Our BCI Preferred Asset Management kit includes the ASAP Passport Asset software which will allow you to track each meter as they come in with a host of characteristics for each. As the meter is managed in your facility you can make updates to the item in the ASAP software until it finally leaves in which case you can record the issue date and location/customer. Reports on any aspect of the asset can be tracked and the Motorola MC55 mobile computer in the bundle allows you to manage your assets freely in your business. Additional mobile devices can be added to this system for multiple users.

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Posted February 1, 2011