Guest I am looking for an affordable bar code scanning system that would allow me to track attendance at workshops and seminars for a continuing education certification in single rooms with different points of access as well as in the future, for multiple rooms for attendance at conventions. Currently we use a time clock with time cards. This is all well and good except when you have 180 people trying to leave the room for a break and only one time clock!

To help speed up your attendance tracking we can go 2 routes with bar coding. In the first case we would need a PC and a corded omni-directional scanner like the LS9208i along with tracking software which we can design for you. This system will allow your users to scan their ID as they come in and out of the room while the applications maintains a log of these movements. If have a PC at each entrance is not desired or possible we do have a self standing solution in the Unitech TASHI. This device is a mini computer and scanner integrated in a simple, compact design. We have an attendance tracking bundle for this device which can be mounted at each exit from which the data could be batch dumped after each session or in real-time if a network connection was available.

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Posted February 1, 2011
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