Guest We are looking for a bar coding system that allows workers(approx 25) to log on and off a bus by scanning a bar code applied to the bus on check in. It can be a daily download but must track time to10ths (warranty). Workers have to be identified and the reader would be assigned to a worker. I would like the reader to be "cell phone" size to eliminate/reduce damage and workers can keep it in their pocket. Cost is an issue.


The Opticon OPN2001 is a very small and compact batch scanner suitable to be fit on a key chain. This unit will be able to scan the bus codes and the cost of the unit allows you to distribute one to each user. At the end of the day/shift the data from the scanners can easily be transferred via USB to a PC as a text file. Time stamping is also tracked with each scan down to the second.

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Posted February 2, 2011