Guest I am a strawberry grower looking to track production in the field. Looking to track units picked as well as track individual workers production. There is also a food safety element we need to address to track each unit to store level.

In your specific case we have 2 steps to properly track production and product. First we will need a means to identify each worker and the product they bring in which can easily be done with a bar code system. We can create ID cards for each worker with the Zebra QuickCard ID Solution and label packs of strawberries with a Zebra S4M printer. In the field a manager can use a mobile computer like the Motorola MC55A and a basic collection application we can create for you to scan a workers ID and then scan the containers they have collected. This way you will have an accurate count of who did what volume and then as the product is sent out to customers we can track which containers went to which end user.

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Posted February 18, 2011