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 Guest We are a furniture wholesale company based in North Carolina. We currently use iCode Everest software to run our business. One of the features we are yet to use is the bar code feature. The program can generate bar codes for items and we can print them off. Where we are stuck is what do we need to make it work. We are thinking about putting the bar codes on the items. However, we have no idea what type of scanner we need or how it would work with Everest to create a sales order. We would want a scanner that we could walk around with and scan items that customers want and then be able to generate a sales order.

From the description of how you would like your process to work your will want to look at a mobile computer like the Motorola MC55A. This type of device can be combined with your existing software so that as you collect information in your facility that can be processed as a sale order, inventory check, product look-up, etc.. We can help ensure the Motorola device can integrate properly with your Everest application and also provide wireless network infrastructure as needed.

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Posted February 18, 2011