Guest We are currently looking for a system that has the flexibility to track incoming mail, packages and internal documents. We would like to create a bar code for all items and store the information in a file. So in addition to needing to create a bar code, we would need a handheld wedge scanner (preferable a Symbol product), a way to capture a signature for a package and a way to store vital information pertaining to a particular package.

Package tracking is an application that can greatly benefit from the use of bar codes to increase efficiency and reduce errors. The Intellitrack DMS is a modular system that allows us to pick what tools we need like package tracking, inventory, or asset management as they are required. We can pair the package tracking application with a Symbol Motorola LS2208 scanner and a Topaz signature capture pad to log all incoming items and who they are distributed to. A Zebra GK420t printer can also we paired wit this system to easily create bar code labels on demand.

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Posted February 21, 2011
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