Guest Looking for a kind of loyalty card system to be implemented in multiple locations and having it controlled remotely via the Internet.
Our thoughts.

[1] Each location scans card (bar code or mag strip).
[2] Card ID # is sent along with location ID #, via the Internet, to our online database.
[3] Data is manipulated on our servers.
[4] Message is sent back to be displayed at location's register (on additional screen, i.e. the Logic Controls LT9000)

We can hire our own web developer to create the web-based, database application. Our web app can interact with the software/hardware combination that you create.


Given your ability to create a web application to manage the card entry we can help facilitate the required hardware. In this case we will first need to create the loyalty cards and the Zebra Quickcard ID Solution is a convenient bundle to do so. Once the cards are issued we will need a means to scan the bar code at the time of use which the Motorola LS9208i is an excellent choice. If you do not have POS systems in place we can also suggest one of the many POS bundles with software we have including the LT9000 display.

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Posted February 21, 2011