Guest I am looking for a simple, inexpensive solution for a bar code printer and reader. I need to print a self-adhering label with some information and a bar code. The label dimensions should be max 2 inches by 4 inches with black and white only print. No pictures, no high resolution required at a very low volume printing one label at a time. The bar code scanner needs to read the information on the label and have a USB port connection (not cordless).

For a cost effective and simple to use bar code system I would suggest our BCI Basic Barcode Printing Bundle. This kit includes a low volume Zebra GK420t printer and Bartender Basic software to design and create labels. There are a host of labels available for the printer and we can readily match up a size to fit your needs. The Honeywell 3800g scanner in the kit will allow you to read any linear code that you make and comes with a standard USB interface.

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Posted February 23, 2011