Guest I need a portable scanner that can sync up with my library circulation software in real time or store the bar codes that can be easily uploaded later. This is for inventory purposes and I currently run Athena version 9.3. My barcodes are code 3 of 9 symbology. I currently am using a USB Honeywell scanner MS9500 Voyager.

In your situation I would suggest a more basic batch data collector as having a real-time wireless solution will require proper wireless infrastructure and more advanced software. A unit like the Honeywell SP5500 will allow you to collect inventory scans which are stored in the device as a common text file. When finished you can come back to a PC to batch dump the text file to be imported into your Athena system. This solution is quite a bit less costly and very easy to get up an running out of the box.

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Posted February 24, 2011