Guest We have a warehouse that receives goods. The goods are then sorted, priced, and distributed to three locations. The company has three retail branches where the goods are sold. I need to bar code the products when we receive them at the warehouse. The code should have the cost, price, quantity and supplier info. When we distribute the goods we would like to be able to use mobile devices in the warehouse to track the items and quantities sent to each store and so have a real time inventory of any particular item. At the stores we want employees to be able to scan items to get info as to price and qty available only.

A bar code is normally just a unique identifier for a given product and will not be able to contain a list of characteristics. Looking up specific details for a product will be handled by the inventory software like the one found in our BCI Advanced Inventory Control kit. The RedBeam Inventory Tracking software in this kit will allow you to manage inventory at multiple locations as items are checked in and checked out. You can run the application on the included Unitech PA600 to manage inventory anywhere and we can readily add additional mobile devices and a bar code printer to complete your system.

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Posted February 26, 2011