Guest I’m looking to set up an inventory system that I can use to keep up to date with the stock levels in our warehouse. I’d also like to have the capability to print out bar coded labels, which I could then assign to individual products. I’d like the bar codes to contain all the information we have on an individual product so that when we scan the bar code using a hht/pda, we can access all the info we have on that product.

Bar codes themselves are not used to actually encode all the product details since this would make the code too big to print or read properly. However, with our BCI Enterprise Inventory Control kit you will be able to label each item with a uniquely numbered bar code so that when you scan this with the included MC55 you will be able to call up all the product details. The included ASAP Passport Stock will give you a detailed view of your current inventory as well as support bar code printing.

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Posted February 28, 2011
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