Guest I’m looking for an affordable device, that allows me to take orders for my sales team with their clients. They go to several locations and they have to take the orders. I need a system that allows me to communicate with the storage center and send the order of the shipment or product that my client needs.
My needs:
1.- Taking orders wirelessly at several locations nationwide.
2.- Communicate with storage center(s) and place the order.
3.- Inventories access through device (or something like it)

Given your requirement for field mobility a unit with cellular capabilities is needed like in the Motorola MC65. This unit will allow you to collect orders at your customer’s locations and forward that data back to your storage center in real-time. An order management software will need to be running on the mobile devices which we can custom make for you to easily tramsit orders and look-up stock details in the field.

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Posted February 28, 2011