Guest I produce honey, infused honeys, beeswax salves…you get the idea. At present none of my products have a bar code. To move into larger markets I need bar code on the products. I have about 15 products to place, could go to 30, but never more. I'm trying to find an affordable system : read $700-$1000. Do you all have anything that would fit those parameters, or have any suggestions?

In the case of selling products at larger retail outlets you will need to use a specific bar code called the UPC code. These codes are registered and managed by the GS1 organization to ensure your codes are unique to your company. We can help get you the basic hardware and software to make bar code labels with our BCI Basic Label Printing kit. If your vendors do not require the UPC code specifically the kit will also allow you to make any other type of code as well.

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Posted March 3, 2011