Guest Hi, we have the need to implement a FIFO system with the products that we receive in our warehouse. We work with copiers and all of them have a label with the serial number on it. The thing is that they don't have a bar code, only the numbers and letters along with other information of the copier. Is there a way to capture only the serial number and convert it to text? I'm thinking saving those serial numbers in a text document and then uploading the info to another application,

The only way we could capture the serial numbers as text data would be if they were made with the OCR fonts which are not very common. In your case we could use a basic data collector like the Honeywell SP5500 to key-in the serial number data which is then stored into a text file. When you are done collecting data you simple batch dump the text file to a PC. If you were open to labeling all the items with bar codes the SP500 would still have a laser scanner on it for bar code collection as well.

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Posted March 4, 2011