Guest I am looking to make some inspections on our assets. I want to stick a bar code or an emitter on each asset and when scanned I would like to open the form related to that specific asset and start to fill it with some data.
For example: If I scan an electric panel an "electric panels form" should appear, if I scan an A/C, a "a/c form should appear, then I should create these forms and collect some inspection data to be studied and analyzed. This data should be transferred to a database such as MS Access.

In the case of your need for asset inspections I would suggest our BCI Preferred Asset Management kit since it readily works with basic bar codes. This bundle includes the ASAP Passport Asset application which we can use to track specific inspection details or call up specific forms you already have. Withe the Motorola MC55 that is included you can freely inspect assets across your location and then upload the changes to a desktop PC. This systems is very flexible and can be set-up to best fit your specific process requirements.

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Posted March 5, 2011
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