Guest We currently have all our assets bar code tagged. However, they need to be added to our inventory database which is done in MS Access. The process is cumbersome. I am looking to upgrade our scanners and would like portable scanners that can batch the scans and them dump the data into the software. I am an IT guy so I would comfortable doing the upload. However, the scanning would be done by the facilities staff who are not very tech savvy.
I am envisioning a scanner gun where they can first scan a bar code on the door jam that would input the building and room number. Then they could scan all the assets in that room. All the assets would get associated with that room number. Then they would move to the next room and repeat this same process. Finally they would return to the base station and download their data.

For the given asset tracking solution you are looking for I would suggest our BCI Advanced Asset Management kit. This bundle includes the RedBeam Asset Tracking Software which runs on a desktop and a mobile device to allow you to manage your asset inventory in the field. Collecting data by room number is a common method with the RedBeam software and all the data is easily synced with a desktop PC from which you could export to MS Acess. The bundle also includes an MC55 and given the structure of RedBeam we can add as many additional mobile devices as you need without the need to purchase additional licenses.

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Posted March 12, 2011