Guest I make homemade candies and I am trying to sell these candies in stores, such as Walmart. I have been in business for 7 years and it is time for us to venture out into a larger customer base. I do not know anything about bar codes and which kind I need. I make several types of candies, packaged in several different weights. Could you please explain to me how this works on my end. I know what bar codes are and I know they show information about the product. How do I make them and are they universal in all larger stores?

For any distributing of products at a larger retail level you will need a very specific bar code called a UPC code. This code is issued and registered with the GS1 organization as it will be unique to your company to ensure that when your product is in store it does not have the same code as any other. We can help provide the necessary hardware and software to create a bar code like our BCI Advanced Barcode Printing Bundle. This kit has everything you will need to design and print labels as well as confirm their readability with the included Honeywell Xenon 1900 scanner.

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Posted March 21, 2011