Guest Looking for a product tag that can be batch printed with text and with product ID that is bar coded. The tags will be attached to garments(no adhesive). Also I would like the software that stores products and will print an entered quantity of tags. I've seen the devices that can attach the tags, but have not found tags that can be printed in batches.

For label/tag printing I would suggest the combination of a Zebra GK420t printer and the Bartender Pro label software. This combination will allow you to print on hang-tags that are non-adhesive with hole-punches. Any kind of information can be printed such as text, logos, and bar codes with Bartender. You can save all your product tag designs for further printing or if you already have the necessary information in an existing database Bartender and be automated to pull data on its own for hands-off printing.

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Posted March 25, 2011