Guest Our rolling mill is producing long products of steel like rounds angles rebars etc… We attach metallic tags with all details of the products but during multiple handling from our storage area to stock yard and then to finally to the customer we loose the identity of our products. Can you help us bar code our products at site when scanning at our stock yard?

Tagging harder materials like steel are always a challenge as they tend to encounter harsh conditions. We can create a variety of custom pre-printed tags that are made of a wide range of materials with several mounting options. Once tagged we would need to have some kind of tracking software to ensure we know the identity of product. Our BCI Enterprise Inventory Control bundle includes the ASAP Passport Stock software which will track and maintain your inventory throughout the product lifespan. A Motorola MC75 mobile computer is also included so that you can scan inventory in and out anywhere in your facility to then sync with your main inventory.

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Posted March 25, 2011