We have a customer who requested a bar code scanner which scans 3 bar codes at a time
On medical covers we find a bar code for the item code, another for expiration date, and a third for item details.
Can we find bar code scanner that reads the three at a time?
How is the the data stored? In a text file in one record?
Can I type quantities after we scan the code?


A 2D imager scanner like the Honeywell Xenon 1900 would be able to scan multiple codes at one time but depending on the spaces involved we would have to ensure it all fits within the viewing area of the scanner. In this case the data will be transmitted in real-time to the PC as keyboard text information and can populate any text field. Once scanned you can manipulate the information as needed. However, the Xenon is a very aggressive unit and even scanning 3 codes individually will be very fast and easy to do.

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Posted March 26, 2011