Guest What would be the right type of bar code reader to use for credit/debit cards, and is there a type of ID reader that I could use for identification purposes when selling alcohol in my business? I’m looking for something that would read or alert me on age when scanning their driver license.

Your question actually involves 2 different technologies both of which we can assist you with. With credit/debit cards they use what is call a magnetic stripe to encode information, not a bar code. In this case you would want an MSR like the IDTech MiniMag which would connect to your POS system via USB. This reader would feed the card data into your POS software for processing. In order to carry out age verification with a drivers license we will need a 2D scanner like the MS7580 as a bar code is used in this case. The convenient part of the MS7580 is that is can be purchased with a built-in software called EasyDL specifically for age verification.

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Posted March 27, 2011