Guest We would like to use the MC9090-G bar code scanner to scan bar code identification of equipment at an auction warehouse and to update the bid price using the same bar code for purposes of automatic invoicing and receipting.
The process is:
1. Equipment comes into auction centre warehouse

2. Bar code is generated for equipment identification and lot number

3. Bidding is conducted and the bid price needs to be automatically updated with the bar code. Perhaps new bar code is generated with price information in it and also transmitted wireless to the servers for invoicing and receipting purposes.


The MC9090-G would be an ideal choice given you application needs and with a custom software that we can design for you we can readily accomplish this. The bar code itself will be a simple ID which can stay the same throughout the life of the item. As the item goes through the auction process the software will update the status and information for that specific item. We can help provide the mobile computers, software, and wireless infrastructure needed to accomplish this.

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Posted March 31, 2011