Guest I am not sure a POS system would be helpful to me. I may only need an integrated cash register and credit card processing system. I am opening a crafts gift store. I will be buying from many artisans and vendors, most of whom do not use bar codes. I don't need to track inventory on a continual basis since I am not likely to replace sold items with the same items. However, I will have a number of vendors (artisans) with whom I will do consignment business, thus needing to keep track of items sold by these vendors. I do my accounting in a 2005 version of Quickbooks Pro. I need to keep my cost as low as possible.

A standard cash register and separate credit card processing device would work in your application but given the fact that you are already using Quickbooks for accounting Intuit does have a basic POS software that would seamlessly integrate with your current software. Quickbooks POS Basic will allow you to track all your sales and manage your consignment customers in a very well organized manner and more easily than a manual process. Likewise, you could process credit cards through the POS software directly with simple low cost MSR as opposed to a costly dedicated device.

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Posted April 1, 2011