Guest We would like to scan liquor bottles when delivered and this needs to be dated and when the bottle is pulled from stock re-scanned and dated again. We are an Elks lodge and need to find an inexpensive way to control/monitor the inventory. This info then would need to be transferred to a spreadsheet in our accounting system.

What you are asking to do is essentially basic inventory tracking. Our BCI Basic Inventory Control kit is a simple but easy to use bundle that will keep track of your incoming and outgoing inventory. The Wasp Inventory Control software that is included can easily date/timestamp all incoming inventory and do the same when you check anything out. The kit does include a mobile computer to collect inventory away from a PC but is cost is a concern and you are able to scan near a fixed PC we could substitute a corded Motorola LS2208 for the Dolphin 6100.

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Posted April 3, 2011