Guest I work in a behavioral research department and we have our own library of video recorded patient interactions which are then viewed by faculty in our department for research purposes. Obviously, we are committed to protecting these DVDs from leaving our office and we would like to know where they are at all times. We are interested in some kind of scanning system so that we know who has each DVD at any given time. It would also be helpful if we could know if a DVD was taken out of the office – which is prohibited.
We are looking for a solution that is not overly-complicated and that makes financial sense. Our office consists of about 25 people so we don't want this to cost an extravagant amount of money. Would an RFID system make sense? What about a regular bar code scanner – if you were to scan a DVD bar code can you tell who is scanning it?

Both RFID and bar codes could be of use to you given your application needs but an RFID system will be quite a bit more expensive. This said, RFID will allow most of your tracking to occur with very little user intervention and could be used as a security measure to ensure DVD are not taken out of the office. With a fixed RFID reader like the Alien Technologies ALR9650 at the entry points of the rooms the DVD will be in we can ensure they are scanned on their way out and monitored. In either case we will not be able to tell who is using the DVD without them scanning in an ID but we can definitely know when something moves. Given the depth and variables involved in an RFID system it will be best to further consult with us on an optimal solution.

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Posted April 5, 2011
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