Guest We are a municipality that has a Compost Area (Dump) and would like to sell bar coded windshield stickers to town residents to track their use. We would also like to input the type of materials and quantity which can be coded.
Brush = 1, Wood = 2, Leaves = 3 Then enter quantity of 1,2,or3 cu/yards.

We can help provide the needed software, mobile computers, and printer to issue tags to your residents and then be able to track the types of materials they are disposing of. For the printing side of things I would suggest the Zebra GK420t as it has stock materials for making windshield labels especially. Once the residents have stickers we can create a custom application to run on mobile computers like the Motorola MC3100 so that as waste is collected the type and amount can be scanned in the field and later transferred to desktop PC at the end of each route.

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Posted April 5, 2011