Guest We are engaged in a logistics and transportation business and manage the company's assets and setting up the need for spare parts down to the smallest component. Can you recommend a management program that fits for us so we can easily know the position of the tool, the status of stocks, the purchase price of goods, who took it from the warehouse, who rented the vehicles, how much expenditure to each vehicle, condition of assets etc.?

From your description you are essentially doing 3 basic function common to any warehouse environment: inventory tracking, asset management, and check-in/check-out issuance. In many cases this would require 3 different applications but we carry a software from Intellitrack called DMS which can do all three. Actually, DMS is a modular system to which you can add whatever functions you may need. We can pair this software with a mobile computer like the MC3190 to allow you to freely collect data anywhere in your facility or on vehicles themselves.

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Posted April 7, 2011