Guest I need a system in which I can enter data into a piece of software (Excel?) which will encode the data (QR code?)and print it onto a label which can be affixed to the item desired. The label can then be scanned with a handheld corded scanner which will decode the information on the label and enter it as text into another piece of software which we are running.
Please note that we already have a Zebra LP2844 bar code printer and Windows PC.

Given that you already have an excellent label printer I would suggest using Bartender Pro label software to quickly and easily generate any type of bar code including QR codes. You can create a basic template for each label and input the specific information into the bar code field and then print to your Zebra printer. From here you could use a scanner like the Xenon 1900 to read the QR code and output this information as a text string into any application.

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Posted April 8, 2011
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